Providing Answers For Asbestos Cancer Victims

Asbestos causes aggressive cancer that was 100 percent preventable. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or another asbestos-related cancer, it is through no fault of your own. For years, manufacturers and employers knew the dangers of asbestos, but continued to put profits before people.

At RPWB, we think that is unacceptable. Our lawyers help asbestos cancer victims and their families hold asbestos manufacturers and employers that knowingly exposed their employees to asbestos liable for the harm they've caused. We are here to help you.

Asbestos Exposure Causes Cancer

Asbestos was a widely used building material for over 100 years. Many factories, ships, public buildings, homes and even schools were constructed using this deadly chemical fiber. Although not dangerous in its whole and natural state, when asbestos is broken, it forms a dust that when inhaled or ingested causes cancer.

Asbestos cancer can be debilitating and deadly. While asbestos exposure can cause any type of cancer, the most serious is mesothelioma, an aggressive form that has no cure. Because asbestos is inhaled through the lungs, other common cancers are those of the lungs, larynx and esophagus.

There Are Treatment Options

Various treatments are available depending on your age, health and the type of cancer you are facing. If you are a surgery candidate, physicians can attempt to operate and remove all visible cancer from your body. Radiation or chemotherapy can be used, either in conjunction with surgery or independently, to attack cancer cells. Radiation has the fewest side effects of all treatments; chemotherapy has the most.

Palliative treatment is another option for those diagnosed with asbestos cancer. While this is not intended as a cure, this type of treatment can help make the victim more comfortable by lessening the physical effects of the illness.

You Have Legal Rights

At RPWB, our attorneys are pioneers in asbestos litigation. We were among the first to hold asbestos manufacturers legally responsible for the harm caused by asbestos exposure.

While it can be challenging to build an asbestos case, we have the skills and experience to determine how and when you were exposed and build a strong case for compensation. We are committed to getting you and your family the resources you need and deserve.

For more information about your legal rights, contact our firm. Consultations are completely free and we will not charge you anything until we've obtained compensation for you and your family. Call 866-594-8765 to reach us in one of our five South Carolina offices — Charleston, Mount Pleasant or Barnwell — or at our Edwardsville, Illinois, office.