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Fines issued for asbestos exposure at hotel renovation

Renovations are often billed as exciting changes for the future, but in some cases they can be deadly. Because of the once widespread use of asbestos in South Carolina and across the rest of the nation, exposure during renovations are sadly not uncommon. Indeed, three companies were recently fined for asbestos exposure that occurred during renovations of an out-of-state hotel.

Renovations were apparently well under way on the 107-year-old building when inspectors discovered something troubling. Air quality indicated that asbestos material had been improperly handled and disposed of, potentially exposing many people to the toxic substance. The findings were so troubling that the state's labor agency immediately shut down construction so that investigators could look into the matter. The investigation lasted about three months, during which time renovations were at a standstill.

More than 50 people pursue asbestos litigation after demolition

More than four dozen people are suing Johnson Controls Inc. and TOCON Holdings LLC for their alleged role in exposing a group of residents to the toxic substance asbestos. Their claim stems from the demolition of a manufacturing plant. In these types of situations, asbestos litigation is often an effective way for South Carolina victims to recover much-needed compensation for damages, including health bills and more.

The manufacturing plant was no longer in use, and the property owner wanted to tear the building down so that he could sell the property to the area school board. The school board was considering the site for a potential softball field. However, demolition bids from Oct. 2009 showed that to demolish the building properly and safely remove the debris, the owner would have to shell out more money than the property was even worth.

Is asbestos exposure a thing of the past?

Construction workers, those in the manufacturing industry and many others in South Carolina, frequently work with strange-sounding chemicals and substances but never develop cancer. So what makes asbestos exposure so different in this regard? Asbestos is well-understood to be a durable material that is extremely dangerous to human health.

Asbestos is not only durable, but is also extremely resistant to heat and a good insulator. Because of this, it was once widely used in an untold number of products, including brake pads, construction materials and much, much more. Unfortunately, that durable nature also makes it extremely hazardous.

Parents understandably concerned about asbestos exposure and mold

Like most good parents in other states, South Carolina parents of elementary-age school children expect school administrators and faculty to do all they can to keep their children safe when classes are in session during the school year. Many parents of students in one particular school in another state say they are unsure whether that is being done. In fact, they are quite concerned about asbestos exposure and mold issues that remain ongoing at their children's school and have been for some time.

The situation began to unfold back in February when the school's roof sprung a leak. Such needed repairs should come as no surprise in a building that was constructed in 1955. The leak, however, was not the only problem. When the roof was being inspected, asbestos and mold were found.

Where is asbestos exposure most likely to occur?

Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer caused by exposure to the toxic substance asbestos. Every year in the United States, an average of 3,000 people receive a mesothelioma diagnosis. Annual deaths from mesothelioma total about 2,500. Although preventing asbestos exposure from a negligent party can be difficult, people in South Carolina can be more aware of common exposure sites. 

Most people think of the military as protectors, but they are putting active duty members and those living near Air Force bases at serious risk for health complications. Asbestos was a common building component for buildings across most air bases and is commonly used in war vehicles and aircrafts. Those living around military bases might not realize that they are potentially exposed to airborne asbestos just by their proximity. 

What are mesothelioma bankruptcy trusts?


Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos. Many people develop mesothelioma due to workplace asbestos exposure that occurred decades ago.

When a person is diagnosed with mesothelioma, the victim and his or her family members may be eligible for significant compensation. Victims can hold negligent companies accountable for the asbestos exposure that caused their disease even if it was decades ago at their place of work.

U.S. Supreme Court hears asbestos case


The United States Supreme Court recently heard an asbestos-related case, addressing the issue of third-party liability. This is one of the first cases heard by Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the newest member of the Supreme Court.

In Air and Liquid Systems Corp. v. Devries, the Court considered the case of two women - both widows of Navy soldiers. The widows sued 50+ companies for asbestos exposure on Navy ships, which they believe ultimately led to their husbands' deaths. The two men developed lung cancer.

Wife pursues asbestos litigation against husband's ex-employer

Losing a spouse can be a devastating experience. When the death was caused by the negligence of others, the experience can be even worse. That's exactly what one woman claims happened to her husband, who developed and ultimately succumbed to lung cancer. She has since brought a lawsuit against his former employer, seeking compensation on her husband's behalf through asbestos litigation. 

The South Carolina woman filed suit both by herself and as the administrator of her late husband's estate. In it she claims that her husband worked as a welder and laborer for 3M Company during the 1980s. In July 2016, he received a lung cancer diagnosis and died the following month. He was 55 at the time of his death. 

Legal claim cites ongoing asbestos exposure to city workers

Workers in South Carolina typically expect that the only thing they will have to worry about while at work is just that -- work. People should not have to worry that their employers might be concealing important health information from them. Unfortunately, a group of out-of-state workers say they were subjected to that exact problem, and now have to worry about the future effects of asbestos exposure. 

Hundreds of city employees were moved into a new building in Jan. 2016. In July 2017, the local Air Pollution Control District received notification that the building owners planned removal of fireproofing materials that contained asbestos. However, it is not clear if anyone else was immediately notified, including the buildings' tenants. 

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