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Asbestos exposure a concern for South Carolina parents, others

Most parents of preteens and teenagers in South Carolina and beyond have heard of or have visited Claire's and/or Justice jewelry stores. Bangles, earrings, cool clothing and cosmetics are all available. However, news headlines say consumers may also be getting something else with their purchases: asbestos exposure.

Both stores sell cosmetics, including glittery powders, eye-shadow and other products meant to be applied directly onto the skin. Last year, asbestos, a dangerous combination of microscopic fibers, was found in Justice's shimmer powder products. More recently, an entire line of cosmetic products at Claire's reportedly tested positive for asbestos; the store has denied the claim but has pulled all products in question from its shelves while an investigation continues.

University in South Carolina reports asbestos exposure risk

In South Carolina and all states, university officials are obligated to do whatever they can to keep students, faculty and visitors to their campuses as safe as possible. Carolina Coastal University recently announced that it has temporarily shut down its auditorium due to an asbestos exposure risk. Administrators say all events scheduled to take place in the auditorium are being canceled, postponed or moved to other venues.  

The stage in the auditorium contains a fire curtain that is apparently quite old. Annual operational testing is done on it to ensure that it's in good working order. The curtain was also tested for asbestos, which showed that it did indeed contain low concentrations of the material.  

Support is available for those suffering asbestos exposure injury

The dangers associated with naturally occurring fibrous materials known as asbestos were not always so widely known. In fact, many industries regularly used asbestos in construction and to manufacture various products. Asbestos has flame retardant properties that made it a desirable component in the manufacture of insulation and other types of materials, sometimes even including clothing. Asbestos exposure continues to pose great risks to workers and residents in South Carolina and beyond.  

The use of asbestos is greatly restricted nowadays; however, many older homes and buildings or products still contain the microscopic particles that can get lodged in a person's lungs, causing irreparable damage that often leads to fatal illness. People suffering from such illnesses often remain unaware of their diseases until long after their initial asbestos exposures took place. Those who worked in shipyards, refineries or textile factories are at high risk for such illnesses.  

Lung cancer patient files asbestos exposure lawsuit

South Carolina residents currently suffering adverse health conditions they believe are related to workplace toxins may want to follow an ongoing case in another state. It involves a married couple who have filed a legal claim against several parties. The claim states that the man's lung cancer is directly related to repeated asbestos exposure during the normal course of his work duties in a 50-year career.  

The claim asserts that various companies should be held legally accountable for negligence because they failed to exercise appropriate caution to keep people using or exposed to their products safe. The man has been diagnosed with lung cancer believed to have been caused by repeated asbestos exposure. He claims he ingested the dangerous, microscopic fibers each time he was near products manufactured, distributed or installed by the defendants.   

Asbestos litigation support, just a phone call away

Many South Carolina residents know how it feels to suffer from ill-health without having definite answers as to underlying causes of their conditions. Sometimes, people suffer symptoms for months or even years before medical professionals are able to correctly diagnose their problems. Sadly, for those who worked in factories, shipyards, steel mills or construction-related jobs, such diagnoses often includes phrases, such as mesothelioma or asbestosis. When a person suffers from a deadly illness caused by inhaling or ingesting microscopic fibers on the job, it often leads to asbestos litigation.

Many corporate employers and manufacturers have been aware of the dangers of asbestos since the early 1900s. One would think such knowledge would be used to help keep workers safe. Unfortunately, the opposite was often the case, with employers and product makers trying to conceal such information for fear it would lead to less available workers, less production and decreased profits.

Johnson & Johnson held liable in asbestos exposure lawsuit

For more than two months, a court in another state has been hearing arguments in a case regarding one man's illness. Approximately two years ago, the man was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a deadly cancer often caused by asbestos exposure with which many South Carolina residents are familiar. In this case, the man sought compensation for damages against Johnson & Johnson, claiming its talcum powder products placed him in harm's way and his illness is directly related to using the products from 1972 through the early 2000s.

While mesothelioma often attacks the lungs, it can also be found in the abdomen or heart as well. In most cases, the underlying cause is ingestion of microscopic fibers contained in asbestos products. The man in this situation says he used Johnson & Johnson's talcum products for years and alleges it is the primary cause of his cancer.

Couple blames contractor for asbestos exposure danger

Any South Carolina reader who plans on doing some home renovation this year may want to pay close attention to this story, especially if the home in question has popcorn ceilings. This type of ceiling is a texturized design that often poses a major asbestos exposure risk if it is scraped. A family in another state hired a contractor to remove the popcorn ceiling in a particular area of their home.  

The basic home renovation situation turned disastrous when homeowners discovered spilled debris throughout their house. They immediately had their property tested, which resulted in inspectors listing their home as a serious asbestos spill. This caused the family to have to evacuate. Thankfully, extended family members provided the couple and their two young children temporary shelter. 

Toxicology studies show concern similar to asbestos exposure

South Carolina residents, especially those who work in factories, old school buildings or other potential areas of risk, may be concerned about certain health-related symptoms they suspect may be related to their jobs. For instance, those who know they have endured asbestos exposure may be especially worried about various respiratory illnesses or cancers associated with such circumstances. Although there are currently strict regulations regarding asbestos removal, recent news suggests there are actually newer products that pose as much of a risk to human health as asbestos.

Toxicology reports show mice have contracted mesothelioma cancer when exposed to carbon Nanotubes. Commonly referred to as CNTs, such products are often used to manufacture television sets, computer components, automobiles and various types of sports equipment. In the past, mesothelioma was most directly related to exposure to asbestos, actually comprised of six different types of micro fiber materials that are released into the atmosphere under certain conditions.

Support resources available for asbestos litigation situations

You may be one of many South Carolina residents who have suffered adverse health effects related to your job. Perhaps you were injured in an on-the-job accident and had to take time off work to recover. Then again, your situation may be much more permanent, such as those who have suffered an incurable disease or serious respiratory illness related to asbestos. Such situations often lead to asbestos litigation, which can be stressful and complicated if you try to go it alone in court.

Thankfully, there are support resources available to you and your family so that you can focus on getting appropriate treatment and enjoying as a high quality a life as possible while someone else advocates on your behalf to seek recovery for your losses. There may have been years between your initial asbestos exposure and diagnosis of your illness. In that time, you may have suffered undue financial hardships related to medical care, time off work or other expenses associated with the symptoms you were experiencing.

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