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Are Cornell students at risk for asbestos exposure?

Many South Carolina college campuses have buildings that contain asbestos. The dangers associated with asbestos exposure are well-known. A university in another state, however, claims its students, faculty and visitors have no reason for concern even though there are active asbestos abatement projects happening at the school.

Textured paint may create asbestos exposure risk

Many South Carolina dwellings contain health hazards due to types of paint or other products used to decorate. In fact, some homes that contain paint from the 1980s, or earlier, place residents and visitors at risk for asbestos exposure. This can pose a complicated legal situation if residents of an apartment or other complex rent their homes, then contract asbestos-related illnesses because of paint or other materials used in the buildings.

Lawmakers in another state say change needed re asbestos exposure

Demolition often creates dangerous situations regarding possible health risks involved with certain projects, especially for those workers involved in tearing down old buildings. In one state, there are approximately 40,000 dilapidated structures awaiting the wrecking ball in a particular city. Whether in South Carolina or elsewhere, such jobs often place workers at great risk for asbestos exposure, which can result in respiratory infections or even a fatal disease.

Where does your job lie on asbestos exposure risk lists?

Dangers associated with asbestos have been well known for a long time now. That doesn't necessarily guarantee all workers and homeowners from potential asbestos exposure risks, however, as many people (including some in South Carolina) continue to live and work in high-risk zones. To be as fully informed as possible, it's helpful to research what types of jobs are most dangerous when it comes to asbestos-related injuries and illnesses.

Steps taken to protect public from asbestos exposure

In 1943, a  memorial visitor center was opened in another state to greet visitors interested in learning more about the childhood of Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial preserves the farm land where the former president lived in the early to mid 1800s. The visitor center, located on the grounds, is slated to be closed from February through mid-March to protect people from possible asbestos exposure. Similar projects may be scheduled in some older South Carolina buildings as well.

Legal claim filed citing wrongful death by asbestos exposure

Following a South Carolina man's death, a special administrator of his estate has filed a lawsuit against several parties. The claim states that the man's employer and other defendants should be held legally accountable for his death. A central focus of the case is that the man's death was associated with asbestos exposure; the estate administrator is hoping to obtain compensation for damages due to the defendants' alleged negligence.

Town has plans to overcome asbestos exposure problems

South Carolina contains many old buildings, from libraries to schools, churches and even some homes. A continuing problem that often arises in such structures has to do with risks associated with possible asbestos exposure. A town in another state is facing current issues and has developed a potential plan to resolve the problem.

School in another state at risk for asbestos exposure

One of the factors that suggests possible health-related hazards for South Carolina school students and faculties is how old their school buildings happen to be. In another state, the answer seems to be, "very old" in general, with the average public school building standing 50 years or longer. This places everyone who enters such buildings at great risk for asbestos exposure.

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